Aggressive dog – NEEDS Part 2

Muzykoterapia/Terapia kamertonami dla psów


As I mentioned in the previous article, the primary goal, especially when working with a dog exhibiting aggressive behavior, is to reduce the degree of stress and frustration it feels during the day. A dog that is hungry, and in addition already has a problem with aggression, must first of all have easy access to food, and not "earn" it, as many trainers recommend. Such nutritional puzzles can be used as much as possible, but first it is necessary to give the dog part of the meal in a bowl (and that's a larger part!), and only then the rest of the portion, e.g. in Congo or another interactive toy. And not every time, but maybe once in a while. With all this, let's observe the dog and whether the tool actually helps him to calm down, or whether it leads to even more frustration or agitation, which with the inappropriate use of such toys can be observed in some dogs.

In addition, it is very important that a dog with aggressive movements feed at least 3-4 times a day, instead of once or twice, to keep the sugar level stabilized, avoiding sharp spikes.

need to search, and aggression

Taking care of your body

In this category, we take into account that the dog has the most need to be touched. Here it can work as much as possible using the TTouch method, as such sessions can help a lot not only in relaxing tensions in the physical and emotional body, but also in reducing the stress felt by the dog. Touch is a very important part of working on any behavioral problem, and more than once I have witnessed how much self-focus on this issue has helped transform both the dog and its caregiver.

A dog is the only species of animal that lives with us and who at the same time does not have the opportunity to take care of his needs when he really wants it. Many dogs do not have this possibility, because, for example, they do not live in houses with a garden, where they can go out many times during the day, although for a short pee. We should try to guarantee the dog at least 4 exits a day to meet its physiological needs and thus, again, reduce stress levels.


The above needs and needs discussed by me in my first article on aggression in a dog are the elements from which to start work on solving the problem of aggression in a dog.

A very important element is a valuable dream. Only during sleep there is a full regeneration of the body, as well as regulation of the hormonal balance, which for a dog with aggressive behavior is especially important. An adult dog on average should sleep a minimum of 14 hou

rs. Many people have had to deal with coaches who promote the theory of domination. We hear from them that, for example, a dog should not sleep with you in bed or, if it is the time of feeding, then you should eat first, and only later your dog. Nothing more wrong- in fact, the opposite is true, and in order to meet the social needs of his quadruped, we should allow him to sleep near us and if not with us in bed, then at least in our bedroom. He should have the right to do so. So far, have you left your dog alone locked in a cage in another room for the night? Change it as soon as possible!!!

The dog should also have several sleeping places, lairs for him, spread around the house, in different places, at different temperatures. It is also important to allow the dog to sleep on a raise. Preferably on the couch, on the bed or on a pile of blankets or pillows. The dog often chooses places on the raise, because it feels safer there and can thus better observe its surroundings.

sleeping on an increase, and aggression

Analyze what else you can do to better meet your dog's needs at home or in your apartment. Just satisfying the needs of the dog can significantly change its behavior, as well as increase the sense of security and peace.

If you would like to use my help to analyze the needs of your dog, please write to me and I will be happy to support you in 🙂

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