How to help a dog on New Year's Eve… through yourself?

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In this article, I will share with you some tips on how to help your dog survive the stressful New Year's Eve for him.

What I encourage you to do is focus first and foremost on how you can support your animal with your attitude and state of mind.

So often we wonder how to change the behavior of the animal, how to make it IT calm, calm, relaxed. However, in order to achieve this, we must first consider whether we are in such a state ourselves, otherwise it will be very difficult for us to support our dog. When we focus only on our pet, even the best TTouch techniques or support it with our voice are not able to work effectively. Sometimes they can have the opposite, stressful effect.

So in this article, I'm going to focus on how to help a dog on New Year's Eve, starting with ourselves. At the very end, I will share with you videos that you can treat as supplemental materials.

Start with yourself

What I like to promote is the concept that in any situation with a dog we will not find ourselves, in which it will show reactive or fearful behavior, first of all let us focus on ourselves and on introducing peace in the whole situation first of all. As much peace as possible, which will come from us.

If you think we don't know how to react at this point, we will start to get even more frustrated or annoyed with our dog. We will get caught up in the vortex of thought, perhaps guilt, helplessness, and all this will put us in a state of tension that the dog will feel and take over. "What can I do that doesn't connect to the direct behavior on my dog?" – this question is worth asking yourself at this point and thus help yourself to transfer your attention to looking for constructive solutions, instead of panic or annoyance.

how to help a dog on New Year's Eve

It is best to start by focusing not immediately on your pet, but on being solidified in our own body. If you are at home and can afford it, close your eyes and focus on your breath. It is very useful to use the "square" method, which consists of inhaling air counting up to four, then pausing it, exhaling and holding apnea also for four. In most cases, a longer exhale, for six or eight will be even better. Let
's focus on ourselves and watch our dog. Often, just creating space for breathing and paying attention to it can significantly affect the fact that your dog will begin to calm down, or it may want to be closer to you.

What I recommend for New Year's Eve is to stay in a room that is shaded, cut off from the glow of fireworks. Maybe it will even be a bathroom, which pets themselves instinctively can choose as a place to ground their energy. Relaxing music or some pleasant audiobook should play in the background. You can also read a fairy tale or a novel yourself – I'm not kidding! 馃檪 To all this, you can naturally add TTouch techniques, especially movements made on the ears.

Remember that before you start supporting your dog with touch, you should analyze his body. Avoid places that are not comfortable for him, so that the effect is not counterproductive. If you know how to use a bandage for wrappers, you should use it as much as possible, but only if you know how to do it correctly and performing such bandages a few days before 31. December.

We will certainly not help the dog if we are able to break up ourselves if we feel anxious ourselves. Be aware of your thoughts, your worries that are in your mind. And remember not to let them be borne, bearing in mind that worrying and pitying your animal will do him more harm than he will add support. Just as annoyed at people letting go of fireworks- spare yourself comments, criticism. This will not change anything for the better, but will only worsen your well-being, and thus- your pets. Ne

w Year's Eve tomorrow. Use today to practice the tips described above and use the tips I have provided in the videos below.

Think about how to decorate a room so that it is as shaded and sounded as possible. What equipment will you use to release music, what blanket will you use to sit with your pet, giving him encouragement? Prepare everything in advance to provide yourself and your pet with as much peace as possible this night.

I also encourage you to check out the videos below:

1. TTouch on ears: Watch the video

2. About bandage: Watch the video

3. About the mental approach: Watch the video

4. About being here and now: Watch the video

5. My favorite composer:

Peder B. Helland. See his Youtube channel.

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