Vital energy and its importance in the dog's body

Muzykoterapia/Terapia kamertonami dla psów

Chi energy is, in other words, vital energy that flows through both our body and our dogs. Its functions include:

1) Transport – chi is responsible for the transport of necessary substances, such as blood and body fluids in the body. Without chi nothing would be able to move. Digestion would be stopped. Nutrients would not nourish tissues and internal organs. Without chi, no biological reaction in the body could proceed.

2) Heating – chi creates heat in the body,or rather maintains a moderate temperature. Without chi, the body would become cold and would not survive.

3) Defense – when chi is balanced, the animal's body is able to defend itself against external pathogens. According to Chinese Medicine, if the immune system of an animal is strong, then its body is protected from the invasion of pathogens such as: Wind, Moisture, Hot, or Cold. Internal pathogens such as stress or extreme anxiety can disrupt the harmonious flow of chi, which can lead to disease.

4) Control – chi is responsible for controlling and regulating all vital functions in the body. When chi Stomach or Spleen is balanced, digestion proceeds accordingly.

5) Activation – chi that activates physical processes is called Chi Hua. When this energy occurs, then each of the 12 major organs in the body receives its own Chi Hua. Each of these organ systems has its own functions and energy. For example, the heart is responsible for the circulation of body fluids and nutrient-rich blood.

There are plenty of different forms of chi. The reason for this is that it gives us a chance to identify which chi is not functioning properly and thus create a disorder in balance. For example, if an animal has teary eyes and its breathing is heavy, then we know that its immune system (chi defense) needs support because chi Lung has been disturbed and is not in balance.

Written by: Zuzanna Rybarczyk
Photo credit: Valeriia Miller

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