Developing your potential… with your dog?

Developing your potential with your dog

I just started with the fact that something pulled me to stay with animals, with dogs in particular.

The next step was to work with four-legged men professionally, which really turned out to be only the first step towards doing what my Heart really called for.

Over 10 years I have developed intensively and explored topics related to self-development, self-discovery, my values and goals. I was also fascinated by the world of development on a deeper level, referring to listening to the voice of our intuition, meditation, intuitive dance, conversations with our own soul, living to the full potential with which each of us comes into this world. Then came working with dogs. And at one point I felt that this was just that the goal of dogs in our lives could go far beyond their training, being obedient to us, just being our pet. Somewhere in the depths, I felt that it wasn’t all, and that the meaning of the psio-human relationship really goes much further and deeper.

My first step

The first step in finding many answers to the cry of my inner voice was the discovery of the Tellington TTouch method. It wasn’t until she showed me how deeply you can enter into a relationship with a dog or other animal, and how, in addition to getting a change in his behavior, you see changes in your own life. The next breakthrough was other methods that gave me a little open my eyes to the next and next extraordinary possibilities of my own transformation obtained by coming into contact with your dog from the level of the Heart, not the mind.

Today I already know that dogs are not here just to give us joy and uplift- of course, that’s one aspect. However, I personally believe that their presence goes further and that by not being randomly in our lives, they show us how we can discover the truth about ourselves. They give us guidance through their „undesirable behaviors”, through their personality, unconditional love. Ultimately, helping us to open ourself up to the development of our own potential, talents, gain the courage to fulfill their dreams. They are such four-legged angels who guide us through life. Unless, of course, we allow them to fulfil their role.

For if our only goal is to change their behavior, or to form their canine souls in the way we want them to, then we will not see the treasure with which they come to us.

Dogs  a „tool” of our personal development.

So can dogs be a „tool” of our personal development? No doubt! „Tool” is definitely not a word, it may be more appropriate to replace it with a „life compass”- oh, I like it more. A compass that we care about at the same time and to which we show gratitude for such a wonderful conduct, for the unconditionality present in this and such a true, pure desire to show us that life can be beautiful. That we can live as we desire if we forgive control, if we stop resisting if we stop fighting. Dogs show us all this, only we, without finding time to reflect and nothing-not-doing with our dog, simply do not notice it. Because the world tells us that with a dog you have to practice it or do that. That your dog at this age should already be able to 20 tricks, walk on a loose leash and be open to other dogs and people. And since these are the requirements, you feel obliged to meet these expectations. And by that, you don’t see the real reason why your dog is like this and not another.We often blame ourselves for adopting a dog that just insicuses us, who makes us „angry”, which is not as it should be. Are you really? Believe me, your dog is just what it is supposed to be, despite what your trainer, society, dog books say. He is what he is for some reason formed just under you.

Do you dare to look at him in this unconventional way?

There are many ways to do this. One of them may be to start mindfulness training (instead of obedience training). Start meditating or working on your emotions with someone you trust. Learning how to read your dog, listening to it, and asking the right questions, such as, „What treasure did this dog come to my life with?”

If (but only if) you feel that you want to discover the answer to this question with me, I invite you to my Course of Behavior transformation and relationship with the Dog (and myself). Don’t do it if my person doesn’t suit you, or if you’re doing it out of a sense of duty. Because my course is just a proposal and first I recommend you to try to feel if this is the option for you before you join it. Listening to yourself is the most important thing we can learn in life.

Anyway, discover yourself and your dog – but do it with him. Don’t just focus on one side, because true magic will only come into your life when you join this process with your four-legged friend.

Finally, I invite you to listen to my poem- reflection on this topic 🙂

I wish you a life according to „amor fati”, the maxim that „everything that happens in life, including suffering, is good or at least necessary.” 🙂

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