Welcome to my page!

My name is Zuza Rybarczyk and I am a Dog and Human Happiness Specialist. After many years of spiritual and personal development, as well as observing the relationships and emotional ties between people and their dogs, I was inspired to look at “behavioural problems” from a completely different perspective. I am a qualified Tellington TTouch® (Practitioner Level 1) instructor for companion animals.

I focus mainly on our four-legged friends. I get to know more and more about dogs, the deeper meaning they have in our lives and their development, by participating in training courses and seminars all over the world. I gained knowledge in the USA, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, South Africa, Taiwan, Italy and Austria. For me, there are no limits when it comes to further training and acquiring new skills, which help me carry out my mission to show owners a completely different approach towards their dogs.

My goal is to show you that a profound change in your dog’s behaviour and your own development are possible only if you pluck up the courage to look into your inner self in the first place. It’s a truly fascinating path. Maybe it’s not the easiest one, but if you decide to follow it, everything will change. You’ll see for yourself!

Tellington TTouch is a method of working with an animal by taking into account both its physical body and emotional side.

This method consists of several important elements, such as: – philosophy based on working with an animal with respect, empathy, in the spirit of cooperation and listening to it, – bodywork effective at the cellular level, conducive to building or reviving intercellular communication disturbed by anxiety, stress and traumas.

It helps alleviate the bodily tension that contributes to the behaviour observed in a given animal, – body wraps based on exerting subtle pressure on the animal’s skin, thanks to which its nervous system is relaxed, the animal feels safe and we can show it alternative, more effective movements, which change the animal’s perception of the world and itself, – working with specific elements which is conductive to gaining physical balance and, consequently, also emotional balance. It also helps improve the animal’s proprioception (spatial awareness of the body).

Apart from a wide range of applications in behavioural problems (such as anxiety, aggression, pulling on a leash, hyperactivity, etc.), TTouch helps speed up the wound healing process and the animal’s recovery after medical procedures, improves physical fitness in older dogs and alleviates pain in dogs suffering from joint dysplasia or arthritis.

Check out my YouTube channel, where I talk more about this method. Read the interview in which I explain what TTouch is. TTouch has changed my life and how I work with dogs and their owners. I talk about it in my final presentation, prepared to earn the title of Tellington TTouch Practitioner Level 1.