No matter where in the world you are, it is possible for us to connect on the online consultations I offer.

During the consultations, we look into different tools which will support the change of your dog’s behavior, looking at the whole process holistically. Depending on what I will find the most helpful to you and your dog, I will combine analysis of the stressors & needs with Tellington TTouch techniques, tuning fork therapy, flower essences, aromatics and Chinese Medicine principles.

No matter though what that will be, it’s going to be above all heart-based approach.

The single consultation costs 80 Euro.

If you’d like to go deeper into the process, you can book my special package which includes:

– 3 meetings online,
– analysis of the diet and tips what regarding what you can provide to your dog to re-balance his life force energy,
– support between the sessions via e-mail/WhatsApp.

This package costs 200 Euro + cost of shipment of the essential oils/flower essences. 


You can book your first consultation or the package with me HERE.
In the title write: “Consultation/Package + your full name and e-mail address”.