Holistic Booklet for Dog PAWrents is a FREE RESOURCE for all canine parents, yet we honor the fact that you’ll decide to support your local shelter/organization as the exchange for this resource 🙂 It’s just important for us that there’s some way of charity support in order to appreciate this amazing work which has been done on the project. We leave it to you and trust you’ll do it 🙂 No need to send us the confirmation of the payment- we trust you!

The Booklet got divided into 5 categories to make it easier for you to navigate:

DOG’S NEEDS – here you will learn how to holistically fulfill your dog’s needs so they can be emotionally balanced and thus- behave in a calm and happy way.

Deb Burk – Building Confidence for and Relationship with Your New Canine Companion
Deb Bauer – Creating a Well Rounded Dog
Joanna Ciarkowska – How to fulfill the specific needs of the adopted dog?
Kelley Livingston – Understanding the Common Characteristics of Your Dog’s Breed Can Be Super Helpful

NUTRITION – this category will give you a basic idea about the best diet you can provide to your friend so they will live long and stay in a good condition.

Caroline Griffith – What should you feed your new dog?
Dominica Collis – Herbs to Support Canine Health
Christina Keeling – Feeding to thrive

TRAINING & COMMUNICATION – these articles will help you understand a new approach to building a relationship with a dog which is much more based on communication and reading the body language rather than focusing on teaching commands and requiring obedience.

Weronika Wykrota – Training with the adopted dog
Deb Bauer – Communication is Key to Good Conversation
Jennifer Shryock – Building Bonds Over Time
Kimberly Howatt – Responsible Leadership
Sue Mimm – The Honeymoon Period

PAW-FULNESS – this category will touch on the importance of your own emotional state in order to be able to support your and your dog’s wellbeing and feeling of harmony.

Zuzanna Rybarczyk – Befriending Your Difficult Emotions
Anya Gore – Breathing with the dog

COMPLIMENTARY THERAPIES – this section will equip you with a number of alternative therapies which can be used to support your dog in becoming more relaxed and balanced, especially after going through a big change which is moving to a new home.

Kelley Livingston – Tellington TTouch for Building Trust with Your New Family Member
Mary Rodriguez – Zoopharmacognosy! What’s That and How Can it Help My New Puppy?
Bev Spotton – How Professional Dog Massage Works? & How to Give Your Dog a Gentle Massage?
Lisa Tully – Holistic Alternatives for Wormers, Flea Repellants & Vaccines, Flower Essences

– eBook: “SEVEN WAYS to connect with your dog and understand what they are feeling” from Isla Fishburn
– webinar: “5 Steps to Relax Your Dog”
– 2 extra webinars about animal healing

I really believe that this Booklet will be a great help for you in learning how to give your canine friend the best life possible. Remember that you can always reach out to the professionals who participated in the project and also use the special offers for their services which they prepared for you. In this way you will be able to deepen your knowledge in certain areas and also receive advice which will be much better tailored to your and your dog’s needs.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the Booklet, feel free to email me to: humanimalproject.contact@gmail.com.